About the Artist


Using language to describe a painting is integral to a certain kind of information, but it lacks the experience of seeing. However, I will attempt to explain my process. The connection of finding an object, figure, landscape, then translating it, has been my focus.
The journey from figure to place happened when I started painting everything out that wasn't essential, or seemed like an overstatement. I start with an idea, not a plan, and work until the painting dictates what to do.
Imagery has become reductive, released from gravity, and set free from a horizon line. Light drifts through thick/thin layered spaces. The idea of making paintings that concentrate energy into stillness intrigues me.
Surfaces become a depository of reflected/refracted light.
My images retain residual references to the object, mixed with and incorporating the intrinsic nature of paint, mixture of mediums, canvas, paper, board,
and its transcendent reality. Light follows color everywhere.
We know it, even though it always seems new.


Video/ Rosemont College